How to learn German.


This post is for the German-learners around the world, cause I know what a pain in the a** it can be to get a feeling for a language and I love being confronted by it in all different types of media to help me. That’s how I mainly learned English: reading books and blogs, watching shows and YouTubers, listening to music and podcasts etc. And since it’s quite hard to find the good stuff, here’s five German things I actually enjoy.

  1. Watch the “heute-show“

This one is quite well-known in Germany, but I think it’s worth the attention it gets. Although the quality of the episodes differs a lot from week to week, it might be worth your time to check it out if you enjoy political satire. It concentrates (of course) on German politics, so you also get to understand the culture a bit better, which I always find a tremendous help when studying a language. Have a look here.

  1. Watch the “neo magazine royale”

This is also political satire, but a bit younger, cooler, better designed. There’s some high quality sketches, live music and an elderly sidekick (very much Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon), the whole show is very ironic and, in my opinion, hilarious. Watch a very good episode here or their viral parody on rap music here.

  1. Listen to AnnenMayKantereit

I also really like listening to music in other languages to subconsciously get a feeling for its structure- and my personal German favourite is this rather small and young band which is well beloved around our school. Check out two brilliant songs here and here.

  1. Watch dailyknoedel on YouTube

This is such a weird little channel, but I love it. He uses LOADS of irony, so you might not understand every joke at first, but he’s charming and absolutely worth you while. Also, his username is freaking cool. Check out some really good videos here and here.

  1. Check out “Deutschlandfunk”

Deutschlandfunk, short DLF, is one of the biggest radio stations in Germany. They do some really good features and ALL of their programmes are available online. You might want to check this one out.

There you go, hope I was a tiny bit of help. I would love to hear what you think of these and if you’ve got any other secret weapons…

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