Monthly Bookshelf May 2016 (Part I)

Well, I did finally come around to writing this- let’s just call it on time, ‘kay?

This month again, we’re splitting this up into two parts because, you know, thirteen books…


The first book I finished, I actually read on my phone: “Much Ado About Nothing” was my very first Shakespeare play, and I was motivated to get started on his work by downloading a Shakespeare-App, which turned out to be a fabulous idea.

I chose this particular work because of it’s (relative) brevity and because I decided comedies would be an easier starting point- right I was (I think- I haven’t yet ventured to read a tragedy, but I do imagine the comedies are a bit more accessible).

I massively enjoyed this one, it was really funny, but did also have some very witty thoughts (couldn’t help but post a screenshot on Instagram…) and was all in all an excellent starting point.


Next, I read “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka because I really felt like a short story and I’ve been meaning to read this particular one for a while. I really liked it, it transported an atmosphere I really enjoy in my short stories, and the author’s comment on office jobs throughout the very first pages was a special treat.

I don’t think I got everything out of this I could have, so I really hope we’ll read it in school at some point, but I’m still glad I read it. Also, I can finally competently use one of my favourite words: kafkaesque.

I didn’t plan to read Eoin Colfer’s “Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian”, but i fell ill and needed a comfort book, hence the reread of one of my childhood favourites. It really saved my sick day, I flew through it, was well entertained (and slightly nostalgic) and (as is the general experience with rereads) got some fresh enthusiasm for books. Good read.


I already seperately wrote about my love for Julie Otsuka’s “When The Emperor Was Divine”, so I’ll just remind you that it’s really rather brilliant and send you over to my post on Julie Otsuka for everything else…

Just gonna throw it out there again that I’m challenging myself to BustleReads 2016, which really was my main motivation for getting “Three Incestuous Sisters” by Audrey Niffenegger from the library. Jen Campbell talked about this so much and I was really intrigued to see what the fuss is about.

I did enjoy reading it, but it just didn’t feel special enough to really wow me. The story (although only secondary) was actually beautiful, but the obvious main part was Niffenegger’s art, which I can appreciate as really well made, but just didn’t love. All in all, an okay book which I don’t regret reading, but am glad to have only borrowed…


One more really good book for this post: “The virgin suicides” by Jeffrey Eugenides. This one, I wanted to save for the right moment, because I was recommended it so often, and so I decided to treat myself in between exams, enjoying the summery weather and my study breaks in the nearest park with this beautiful, sweet stringing together of words, and my oh my did the prose in this cuddle my mind. The story was twisted and intelligent as well, so all in all this book saved me from an exam slump. Nice.

I promise to try to commit myself to writing more again this month, so please check back for part two of my Monthly Bookshelf and more bookishness over the next weeks.

Much love!


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