Call it an existential crisis.


Well hello people of the internet.

If you actually checked, you might have noticed my blog has been a sad little orphan these past weeks. Why has this been, you may ask.

Well, let’s call it an existential crisis. Before starting off this blog, I read a lot of advice on how I should be doing it, I was told to write regularly (if possible, on set days), keep my photos professional so that people would feel aesthetically pleased when browsing, keep my headlines brief and expressive, use numbers in them, et cetera. I’m sure those are all great directives to keep in mind, but I feel like the most important thing about any person on the internet is missing: the personality.

I always get repelled by people on the internet being too professional. I like to understand who’s talking to me and feel like I get to know them.

Which was definitely the problem of this blog. I have hinted before how much I care for my privacy, for the fact that you can’t piece my complete personality together from what you can find on the internet about me. Which creates a distance I really like, but probably really doesn’t help people caring about what I write, think, upload.

So am I just the wrong kind of person to share my thoughts on the internet?

I honestly don’t think so. While being really aware of the stuff I don’t want the internet to know (right now including my face, real name and voice a.k.a. everything that would make me feel like a real human), I’m also a huge internet enthusiast. Like, isn’t it great?

I feel like people expect you to be a grumpy tech-hater if you tell them you want to be aware of your privacy and therefore avoid Google, WhatsApp and Facebook, but I’m really not. I just take a very anarchistic view on the web, where it’s controlled by every person who uses it, not just some tech firms.

So yeah, I don’t mind putting some of my thoughts out into the floating depths of the internet and discuss them. I just don’t think I’m fitting my own content. It feels so generic, because I don’t put the kind of personality into a freaking book haul that makes it an enjoyable read. I just wasn’t feeling my own content, which is one big alarm sign flashing up in my head.

Let’s chill this blog out a bit, shall we? I want to spend some time discussing randomness, deep teenage thoughts (*cough*) and from time to time a book I actually want to talk about if that’s okay with you (and I guess it is, it’s not like there’s a raving fanbase to get really disappointed), to find my way to do this without feeling generic and ungenuine. Okay cool.

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