announcement time


Hello people of the internet and welcome back.

I’m here to finally get myself together and produce some actual content instead of lamenting about some pretentious creative crisis (what a plan.)

As past experiences have quite bluntly shown us, I suck at just writing whenever I’m feeling it. So here I am doing something I always hated: I’m creating a set schedule for presenting you with my random thoughts.

Every Thursday, 1 am. It’s a date, okay?

Great. So what’s coming, I hear you ask. I think we’re going to start it all off new and I’ll dive into writing some essay-ish posts on stuff in my mind once a week, talking about the things that I think about right now: literature, politics, society, feminism, but also life and finding yourself. That’s the idea anyways…

Additionally, if I happen to feel like I’ve got something to say, I’ll keep talking about books on whatever weekday I feel like it, but that’s definitely not a weekly thing, let me tell you that much.

So there you go. Stuff’s (hopefully) happening, starting next Thursday, the eleventh of August and then we’ll all just see where life takes us. Deal.

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