Up(and away)date.


Hello everyone.

It’s been a while, I know, and you might point a finger at me promising you at least a post a week, giving me a look of frustrated disappointment.

How is it you want people to take you serious and treat you like a grown-up, but you literally can’t keep the most simple promises? What is this post anyways? More announcements, are you effin’ kidding us?

I know, okay. But it really is a simplest of foolishness on my part- underestimating the shi* ton of schoolwork that is this year.

There is, however, some cool stuff happening. We’re in the middle of Victorian October, which I’m kinda doing a bit, so brace yourselves for a wrap up there, and after that, Non-Fiction November is coming up and I’m absolutely ready.

Also, because I’m definitely not stressed enough yet, I might attempt NaNoWriMo (you heard it from me first) and slowly work my way towards absolute psychological collapse. Cool.

In other news, I’m currently on holiday and have decided that Ireland is absolutely the ideal spot on earth, home to almost freakishly nice people. Thanks for having me.

Finally I wanted to cheekily hint that December could end up being a treat of a month on this blog. Don’t get excited quite yet though.

This had nothing really do with anything, I know, but it’s here to tell you: hang on, you haven’t gotten quite rid of me yet. Lovely weekend to y’all, and you’ll hear from me, like, soon-ish. Promised.

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