Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austen

Hey there.

With this blogpost, I’m actually starting a review feast, where I’ll bring you a blogpost on almost every book I’ve read this year for the #bustlereads-challenge, which I have officially completed as we speak. Since that challenge made me read a lot of books I would have never picked up without it, I feel like capturing my thoughts on some that challenged or surprised me is something really interesting to do.

But, having decided to review all of them, there’s some I just don’t really know what to say about. Like Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. This is actually the first of her novels I’ve completed, although I have read Pride and Prejudice halfway through twice…


Despite that newness, I already have a complete comfort-read, treat book relationship with Jane Austen’s writing (as described in my April wrap-up) and I’m kind of saving up her other novels for the next time I feel really shit about life, so that’s the short version of my (very unexciting) feelings on this book.

The long version? I thought this book was a delicious hug of hilarious humour (I know everyone quotes that conversation between John and Fanny Dashwood at the beginning, but OH MY GOD that chapter cracked me up!) and relationships that warm my heart and characters I want in my life.

I get all the criticism. I get how you’d find it long-winded (I had that feeling for 50 pages or so), and I get how you’d dislike some of the relationships here, but I didn’t feel either.
I also understand that I should acquire a more critical reading of Jane Austen, but really, I don’t know how well I’ll do in the future, and I definitely failed at it in April. I just wanted to get wrapped up and cuddled by a story.

Let me, as someone who hasn’t read a lot of Jane Austen, but her fair share of Victorian and almost Victorian books, recommend you this novel as a beautiful one, and vow to read her next one with a notebook to hand and some more literary criticism floating through my mind.


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