Search Party – George The Poet


Yes, as I said, I’ll be shamelessly gushing about this collection until every single one of you has caved in and bought it just to shut me up. Search Party by George the Poet is a collection of spoken word poetry that deserves all the praise I can give it.
Also, it’s physically beautiful, so I couldn’t refrain from taking a bazillion pictures…


This is actually the first book of poetry I’ve ever read cover to cover (excluding some children’s ones), and I think it’s a perfect little stepping stool into the genre.
Since it’s spoken word poetry and very rhythmically satisfying, it really is a joy to read and still so incredibly beautiful.
It’s the kind of book you want to read aloud, and sometimes when I particularly enjoyed a poem, I went back and did just that.


The collection centers around the themes of social justice and growing up, just stuff that is really huge in my life right now. While it is a very broad outlook on different aspects, the central point is definitely being a black man in the UK, on which he writes brilliantly clever poems. Still standing out to me is The Lazy Dog, which I had to reread three times immediately, just because.
The themes are relevant and in the moment, and while I thought the bits on social justice were much stronger than the ones on finding purpose in life, all of them are ingeniously wonderful.


This, I think, is what I want my generation’s poetic legacy to look like, this is what I want to grow up reading and rereading, and, I’ll say it again, this is what I want everyone else to pick up asap.


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