books i want to read in 2017.


Today, quite a chunk into this year already, I present to you the books I really want to get to this year, just because they excite me a lot. Still, I don’t think anyone’s surprised to hear I haven’t picked up one of them so far… let’s hope I make this the year of actually reading books I think could be new favourites. Because everything else is just plain ridiculous, right?


The Establishment by Owen Jones. This is a non-fiction book by Owen Jones, british Journalist occasionally to be found in the Guardian, and apparently he writes about what he defines as the British political establishment and how they’ve affected recent events in the UK. (Not that recent though. It was written and published in that wonderful ancient  world where we didn’t have Brexit…). I have an embarissingly bad understanding of British politics, but this sounds like a wonderful book and I love Owen Jones’ reporting on YouTube, so that’s good.


The Tidal Zone by Sarah Moss. So yeah, I haven’t read this yet. I don’t know what I’ve been doing this year, but I’m so picking this up like this month because I’m so looking forward to reading this. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past twelve months, this is a novel about a teenage girl just collapsing in school and whatever family dynamics follow, it’s supposed to deal with grief and the writing is apparently spectacular. I can’t wait.


Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol. I’ve read half of Dead Souls over a year ago now and absolutely loved it, but for some reason put it down and just forgot to read on. I’ve been looking forward to restarting it ever since I noticed it, and it’s definitely happening this year. It’s a wonderfully funny, weirdly twisted book and the intentions of the main character (who is buying up dead souls, peasants who’ve died, to be recorded as working for him) are a mystery that definitely keeps you hooked, which makes it even weirder I ever put it down.


Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. I know relatively little about this and want to keep it that way, but I do know that it’s about a married couple and feeling stuck in a life situation, and apparently it’s written quite brilliantly and absolutely affecting, so that should be good. Also, gorgeous cover, right?


the accidental by Ali Smith. I’ve read one Ali Smith-novel this year and really enjoyed her writing style, so when I found this in a second-hand store in Dublin for real cheap I just thought I’d get it. It’s the book of hers I’ve heard mentioned most, and the premise sounds fascinating: stranger coming into a family holiday home and just starting to live there, being questioned by none of the inhabitants because they all assume she knows someone…


Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy by Gabriella Coleman. Yet another non-fiction, and this one’s on Anonymous which absolutely fascinates me. Also, this is relevant for that ever present massive paper I’m writing for my leaving level exams… so yep, definitely gonna get to that.


Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. I just cannot wait to try some Kurt Vonnegut, I feel like I’m going to really enjoy his writing. This is the one I randomly picked up to try, because I wanted to be a special little snowflake and not start with Slaughter-house Five.


Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys.This has all the makings for a new favourite of mine, it’s loosely based on Jane Eyre, set in the Caribbean, and supposed to be written very beautifully and special. Quite excited.

So there you go, some books that’ll hopefully make some appearances on this blog over the next few months, because my not picking up books I’m super.excited about is getting ridiculous. Wish me luck.


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